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June 3, 2007

I’ve been playing recently with SDL, and I have decided after much thrashing about and trying different up-and-coming programming languages, that going back to C++ will probably be the most enjoyable. (What can I say, I’m sadistic as hell.) It’s going to be fun going back to controlling everything and having to put a little more “craftsmanship” into my software. Also, it doesn’t get much more portable than SDL and C++. For the most part, porting to a new platform should be as simple as modifying a couple of things here and there, running configure and then make. Probably the biggest advantage of compiled languages is that you don’t have to worry about what is already available on the user’s machine. C++ programs are self contained, just ship the binary, any dynamically linked libraries and the support files you need and you’re all set. I just wish I had some artistic talent when it comes to drawing. Oh well, the results should be comically interesting for my first couple of games at least.


May 17, 2007

Well, I’m using now for all my blogging needs. I decided that it was somewhat foolish to maintain my own content management system known as TrapperTim, when WordPress handles this so much better than I could ever hope to with my own custom solution. For this reason TrapperTim is hereby discontinued. Not that too many people probably care. It’s open source anyway, so if someone really wants to continue maintaining it, they’ll either fork it, or contact me asking to take over the project themselves. Curse me and my short attention span. I’ll probably look into writing some sort of migration script from TrapperTim to WordPress. Anyhow, my attention has been turning toward the Erlang programming language lately. I’m also planning to rewrite Awesum, my graphical checksum verifier software in C# and GTK# for better integration with Gnome. It is kind of begging for a rewrite anyway. There is also Awesum2 which is the same concept, but written in Java and capable of running from a browser using Java Web Start.