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Erlang GUIs

May 19, 2007

There is one major area where Erlang suffers, and that is the lack of powerful GUI libraries available to it. It ships with a Tk-based GUI called gs, but Tk has it’s own share of problems, with its limited capabilities and dated look. The best option from a cursory look at things is GtkNode, which is a set of bindings to Gtk. There also seems to be some work toward web based GUIs using things like Yaws. I’m still evaluating things, but I may be adopting GtkNode for any GUI projects I undertake in the near future. Additionally, I have looked in C# and GTK# and although they are very nice projects, I find them to be as tedious to code in as Java, C, and C++, so I highly doubt I will make any use of them in the near future. Additionally, Mono is very much detested by a large contingent of the open source community, which is also a potential source of problems with its usage. Most importantly, Erlang is just “fun” to code in.